Israel Broytman

Canada • born in 1939

Israel Broytman — In his own words.

My works explore time not as a physical element, but as an aesthetic parameter. They depict the sublime motion of human nature.

Physical objects are complexes of sensations. An individual object in painting is an essence. A particular subject matter represents the ultimate reality, where objects are in quantitative relationships with their backgrounds. Where they exist.

Old objects are living memories, meaningful definitions of time and reality, and existence can be understood consciously through a vanished past. Immanuel Kant’s concept of a "thing in itself” is a psycho-physical or metaphysical reality of an object.

Our inner world is a metaphysical reality. What kinds of symbols are used for metaphysical reality? What kind of code is there in my paintings? Basically, two types — the so-called exteriors and interiors.
Exteriors are nights, still lives, faces — interiors for the outer world, the world beyond us. Interiors are staircases, doors, windows, balconies, chairs.

Musicians tune their instruments before a concert. Painting can tune a human soul, it can be a sort of psychic therapy. It’s important that the spectator become purified and renewed in front of a painting, become reborn.

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